Together we are stronger

We offer all companies, no matter how big or small, the possibility to promote their brand in a sustainable way and look good while they´re doing it!

A customised AGÜITA bottle will help you, your employees and your customers to:
Reduce waste 
Drink more water
Save money on single use bottles and cups
Increase your company´s visibility in a sustainable way
Enhance your brand image

Are you ready to help make this world a better place? Good, so are we!

  • Reduce single-use plastic

  • Minimum order

  • Laser engraved

  • Production time:

    1-3 weeks

  • Elevate your brand

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Which AGÜITA products can I customise?

You can customise any of our bottles or flasks.

What is the minimum order?

25 bottles or flasks

Can I combine different products?

Definitely! You can combine all of our products and colours as long as your minimum order is 25 items in total.

What is the maximum printing size?

We print on the flat part of the bottle so your design can be maximum 3,5cm wide and 15cm high for bottles and 9cm high for flasks.

Can I print in colour?

We use a laser engraving technique. This means that the paint gets removed from the bottle and your design will appear in the colour of the stainless steel, in the same way as the AGÜITA logo but on the reverse side of the bottle. It´s the most durable and will not fade when hand washing your bottle or flask. So in one word, no, we only offer negative printing. Unless you are looking for a completely customised bottle in which case a minimum order of 2.000 items applies.

Will the AGÜITA logo appear on my customised product?

Yes. Our information will appear on one side and yours on the other side. This way you can share our values with your customers and we can keep our minimum orders as low as 25 items. For completely customised orders the minimum is 2.000 items.

How long will it take to have my order printed?

Once your order has been confirmed it will take 1 to 3 weeks to have your order printed. During the Christmas period (November to December) we work on a strictly first come first served base. For completely customised orders the delivery time is 4 to 5 months.

How do I send you my design?

We will need your finished design in black and white only (no grayscale) and vector format by email.

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